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Australian zoo crocodile coughs up two plastic bottles

An Australian zoo shared video of a large saltwater crocodile coughing up plastic bottles that were apparently thrown into his enclosure by visitors.

The Rockhampton Zoo in Queensland posted a video to Facebook showing a zookeeper guiding the crocodile, named The Colonel, out of the water in his enclosure Thursday.

The croc is seen coughing and expels two plastic bottles from his mouth.

The zoo’s post read:

“Plastic bottles are a hazard:

Yesterday our zoo staff witnessed The Colonel, our large salt water crocodile, in some distress. He was coughing and clearly trying to dislodge something from his throat. After some time, he regurgitated two plastic drink bottles. It was distressing to see the Colonel going through this as a result of a small minority who don’t do the right thing. These plastic bottles have the potential to kill a croc as they can cause internal lacerations, ulcers, infection or impaction. The vast majority of zoo visitors are very respectful of our animals. However, if you witness anybody throwing items into exhibits or harassing the animals, please report it to zoo staff immediately.In this video keeper James is helping the Colonel to move in such a way that will help expell a bottle that was stuck in his mouth (look for the bottle coming out at the 10second mark.)”