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Fallen purse strands Disney roller coaster riders for 45 minutes

A roller coaster at Disney California Adventure was shut down for the third time this summer, this time because a woman’s purse fell on the tracks triggering an automatic shutoff and stranding a train full of riders for about 45 minutes.

The California Screamin’ coaster was shut down while patrons were mid-ride on Saturday when the ride sensed a possible impediment on the track after a woman’s purse fell on it. A train carrying 15 passengers was stuck about 30 feet in the air.

Eventually, firefighters arrived and lowered the riders to safety using a bucket truck.

The California Screamin’ coaster has had a bumpy ride this year, after it was shut down twice in May because riders attempted to use selfie sticks while the ride was in motion.

Disney banned the ubiquitous tourist tools from its parks earlier this year, in part due to safety concerns over patrons trying to use them while rides are in motion.

No injuries were reported in any of the incidents.

The Orange County Register reported the ride resumed operation once the trapped passengers were brought down.