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Florida man loses his cool when cat brings in live bat

A Florida man shared video of his cat bringing home a live bat and leaving the owner struggling to get rid of it.

The video, posted to Twitter by user @NickMillerr_ shows the uploader’s cat, Nala, bringing a bat into his home.

“Nala, what do you have?” the man asks, before panicking when he discovers the object is a live bat.

The animal initially appears to be injured, but is soon flying in circles around the filmer’s living room.

The video cuts to the bat again on the ground, with the man explaining Nala “jumped up and Bruce Lee-ed this [expletive] down on the ground again.”

The video next picks up with the man saying he tried to pick the bat up with a towel, but it resumed flying around his house.

The bat disappears, leading the man to turn off his lights and wait for it to reemerge.

The flying animal reappears and the man shouts for it to exit his home through one of his two open doors.

“Just leave, man!” he says.

The bat finally leaves, to the man’s relief, and the video ends with him showing his dissatisfaction with his cat’s behavior by making a rude gesture with his hand.