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Lockheed’s new Dual Mode Plus laser-guided bomb completes flight tests

Lockheed Martin’s new Dual Mode Plus laser-guided bomb has successfully completed two recent flight tests, the company announced Monday.

The tests took place at the Naval Air Ware Center Weapons Division in California, Lockheed said in a statement.

They demonstrated operation of the bomb’s new linear optics, GPS/Inertial Navigation System guidance subsystem and the control actuation system.

Released from an F/A-18 Super Hornet, the two 500-pound Mk-82 inert warheads were fitted with Dual Mode Plus guidance kits and hit fixed targets within operational performance requirements.

Dual Mode Plus takes the reliability and affordability of the Paveway II Plus laser-guided bomb system while integrating the GPS/INS, all-weather moving target capability, Lockheed said.

The system is effective against fixed, relocatable and moving targets.

It maintain’s Paveway II’s physical dimensions and integrates with aircraft employing Paveway II laser-guided bombs or similar direct attack weapons using conventional MIL-STD-1760/1553 or Universal Armament interfaces.