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Maine police officer to cows: ‘Don’t run from me, I’m the police’

A Maine police officer dealing with a “possible mad cow situation” in Massachusetts filmed his encounter with the disobedient bovines.

The Windham Police Department posted a video to Facebook that was recorded on the cellphone of Officer Ernest MacVane when he responded to a report of two loose cows wandering into a road.

“We got a possible mad cow situation here,” MacVane says in the video. “We’re gonna handle this.”

“Hey you guys, just step over to the side of the road, put your hands up,” MacVane tells the cows. “Don’t run from me, I’m the police!”

The cows flee the officer, nearly colliding with a mailbox in the process.

“That’s booze, leave it alone,” the officer says as one of the cows stops to sniff at a bottle in the road. “It’s not good for you.”

The video ends with the laughing officer calling for backup.

It was unclear whether the cows were eventually captured.