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‘My Little DJ Khaled’ doll spoofs hip-hop artist’s catch phrases

A YouTube user recreated Hip-Hop producer DJ Khaled as a talking stuffed-doll for a parody toy commercial.

Max Goodrich created a “My Little DJ Khaled” doll, which spouts one of the producer’s many catchphrases when squeezed.

“Celebrate success right with your new best friend, DJ Khaled!” Goodrich wrote.

The parody advertisement cites the DJ Khaled doll’s love as a “major key” and jingle warns users “Don’t ever play yourself.”

Pressing Khaled’s jewelry causes the doll to produce one of his catch phrases such as “We the best!” and results in Khaled asking for “another one” after being hugged.

While the video warns that accessories such as doll-sized bottles of Apple Ciroc are “sold seperately,” the My Little DJ Khaled doll is not available for sale.