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Passenger runs across the tarmac to catch departing plane

A passenger who missed his flight’s departure from the gate at a Madrid airport was filmed jumping from the gangway to the tarmac and running to his plane.

Baggage handlers at Madrid-Barajas Airport filmed the Ryanair passenger as he jumped from the open bridge and tried to commandeer a baggage handling vehicle before sprinting to his plane.

The video was posted to the CC.OO. Ryanair & Lesma Handling page on Facebook. The post said the man was allowed to board his plane.

“This particular passenger was missing a Ryanair flight and, unbelievably, skipped several security protocols established by AENA,” said the post. “We’re talking about level 4 security protocols! Not even with all those protocols we can feel safe.”

A spokesman for AENA, the authority in charge of the airport, said the man pushed through a fire door to reach the open gangway.

“It is surprising but it happened,” the AENA spokesman told The Local. “This passenger had a boarding card and went through security but he seemingly got waylaid in the terminal and the gate was closed before he reached it.”

“He pushed through a fire escape door into the air bridge, jumped down and then chased the plane. The alarm was immediately raised and the Civil Guard alerted but by then he had boarded the plane and was on his way,” the spokesman said. “However, a request was made to officers in Gran Canaria to identify him.”

The man was detained once the plane landed in Gran Canaria. He was released from custody but the investigation into his actions is ongoing, authorities said.

“It is extraordinary behavior and that he was allowed to board the plane is very surprising, but that is what happened,” the AENA spokesman said.