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Rare dolphin sighting between Denmark and Sweden

A group of scientists spotted a dolphin in a rare sighting in the Oresund strait between Denmark and Sweden.

Oresundsakvariet shared video of the short-beaked common dolphin as it swam between a pair of boats in the strait.

“It was insane, a huge experience. People had seen it on Wednesday so we went out. It is the first time in many years we see a dolphin in the Oresund. The last time was probably 2003 off Helsingborg,” Oresund Aquarium head Jens Jeppesen said, according to The Local.

Jeppesen, who also got the opportunity to hop into the water and swim with the dolphin, said he believes dolphins will become more common in the area in the near future.

“It gets warmer and warmer and tiny changes [in temperature] may have made the dolphin find its way into the strait. There’s also a lot of fish to eat. I think dolphins in the Oresund will be more common in the future,” he said.