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Russian Aerospace Forces to receive new aerial bombs: Report

Russia’s Aerospace Force will soon receive next-generation air bombs equipped with proximity fuzes, Russian news agency Tass reported Tuesday.

The head of state-owned Tecmash engineering group, Sergei Rusakov, was quoted by Tass as saying the fuze had passed recent tests in Novosibirsk.

“Now the institute is preparing for the launch of the product into serial production,” Rusakov said. “I believe new-generation air bombs will enter service with the Russian Army already in the imminent future.”

During an explosion with a contact fuze, the larger part of the blast energy is spent on creating a crater and displacing soil, reducing the radius of damage against the enemy, Tass quoted Tecmash press office as saying.

The new bomb displaces such concerns by providing a more sophisticated trigger mechanism.

Tecmash is part of Russia’s Rostec and was founded in 2011.

It is the largest producer of munitions in Russia and makes precision artillery and tank munitions, multiple launch rocket systems, aviation rockets and bombs, industrial explosives and other items.