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Security cameras catch bungling arsonist lighting himself on fire

Police in Kentucky released video of a bungling arsonist whose Molotov cocktail ricocheted and lit him on fire.

The Madisonville Police Department posted a video to YouTube showing security camera footage from the Sunday morning incident at a recently-opened barbershop.

The video shows two suspects, a man and a woman, outside of the building in a white Ford minivan.

The woman shatters a back window of the business and the man emerges from the van holding a lit Molotov cocktail — a glass bottle filled with flammable liquid — and throws it through the window.

The man attempts to repeat his actions with a second Molotov cocktail, but the bottle misses the window and splashes the man with flaming liquid.

The suspect sprints across the parking lot to some nearby grass, where he rolls on the ground to put out the flames.

The man exits the view of the camera and returns moments later missing a shoe. He takes off a burning sock as he heads back toward the van.

The man is seen pouring out another bottle of flammable liquid near the barbershop’s door before both suspects flee in the minivan.

Police said they are hoping members of the public will be able to identify the suspects from the video.