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Taxidermy polar bear confiscated at Oklahoma airport

Authorities in Oklahoma confiscated a large stuffed polar bear, which was reported stolen at a local airport on Thursday night.

Tulsa County game warden Carlos Gomez told KJRH the bear, which measured about six feet tall and four feet wide, was falsely claimed after its owner died.

“The item was loughly mounted decades ago by a guy that has the proper paper work to bring it to Oklahoma,” Gomez said. “He brought it to Oklahoma and passed away his heirs tried to track down where he stored the polar bear when they tracked it down someone else has latched on to it and decided it was theirs.”

According to News on 6, the rare taxidermy animal held an estimated value of $50,000.

Gomez said charges and citations for the man, who obtained the bear illegally and without a permit, would be issued on Friday.

“It’s kinda like the title to a car, you can take a car and say it’s now my car, but if you don’t have the title to the car it’s not your car,” he said.